Sub-Acute Facility

Childrens Sub-Acute Facility


Lambano Sustainability Project

We are currently building the only dedicated private CHILDREN’S SUB-ACUTE FACILITY in South Africa, this facility will be based in Kensington South, Gauteng. The Children’s Sub-Acute Facility will provide Medical, Physical and Aqua Rehabilitation Services to private patients.  Private paying patients that have been discharged from Hospital and require further treatment, will be admitted to our facility, until they are ready to be discharged to their homes.

In the long term, we aim to use part of these profits to fund our NGO, Lambano Sanctuary which cares for all children who live with a life-limiting and or life-threatening illnesses. In 2009 we established a Children’s Medical Step-Down Facility/Hospice which provides further medical, palliative, and psychosocial care to patients who are admitted to our facility from Public Hospitals.