About Us


History of Lambano

Lambano Sanctuary (NGO: 014-535) was established in 2001, in response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic and more specifically its impact on children in South Africa. Currently, we focus on the health of all children suffering from life-threatening and life-limiting illnesses.

Previous Projects of Lambano


Developed training material on how to care for a HIV positive child and presented it to Foster Mothers and Grandparents once a week for 6 weeks:


Established a Clinic and Feeding Scheme which was run once a week from a Katlehong residents, home.


We applied for funding from Naledi Projects and the Luxembourg Government, to build a 12 Bed Paediatric Medical Step-down Facility/Hospice. In 2009 the funds were granted to purchase a house and to convert it into a 12 bed Facility.


Identified the need for a school feeding scheme in two schools Mogobeng and Tamaho Primary School, in Katlehong. In 2007 we applied for a grant from Naledi Projects and the Luxembourg Government through a 3-year co-financing grant, to build a dining hall, kitchen, and storeroom in both these schools.  Through the grant both these schools were provided with food monthly to feed the children 2 meals a day. The kitchen staff were also trained in how to prepare and serve nutritious meals. The staff were also trained in baking skills to make breads and cakes to sell to the community to create sustainability for themselves. These projects continue in 2022.


Additional funding was procured from Naledi Projects and the Luxembourg Government to increase the beds in the Hospice from 12 to 16 beds.  In addition, two bathrooms, a treatment room, sluice, laundry, offices, and staff facilities were added to the original facility.


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Our Mission

Inspired by the love of Christ, we seek to provide a nurturing environment for all children who live with a life-limiting or life-threatening illness, including all aspects of their physical, psychosocial and spiritual wellbeing.

Lambano undertakes to assist all children irrespective of race, religion, colour, class, political affiliation, or geographical boundary. We are entirely neutral in our approach to children in need, are non-judgmental and have an open-minded approach to all situations.

Our Vision

To provide the best holistic care possible to the children and their caregivers, paying special attention to the unique needs and challenges faced by every individual child.

Our Values

We are passionate about providing care that respects the uniqueness and individuality of the patients and families that walk through our doors. Our goal is to treat each child and family with empathy, compassion, integrity, and professionalism.