Our Stories

Our Stories

When Selinah was admitted into our facility, all that concerned Selinah was her lack of hair, not her discomfort of her illness just her hair, something as seemingly simple as providing a wig made a big difference in Selinah’s happiness during her stay.

I wrote this poem...

I thought I was alone, but I was wrong.
God gave me people in my life,
like my Granny and the people of Lambano.
When I was sick I thought I would die before my time.
My mother gave me birth and left me like this.
I thank God for my Granny and Lambano…

Behind my smile is a hurting heart.
Behind my thought I am falling apart…
look closely at me and you will see
the person I am isn’t me…

Selinah Mkhwanazi


Superstar Karabo

Karabo has been with us since he was 2 years old, he is 21 years old now and loves to work with his hands and enjoys woodwork. He has been accepted at the Johannesburg Society For The blind School in 2024. He has an incredible opportunity to attend this esteemed institution, where he will receive the education and support necessary to enhance his literacy skills.

We’re thrilled that he has this chance to learn to read and write, enriching his life and opening doors to a brighter future. We managed to secure funding via Jacaranda FM Good Morning Angles Network for the school fees.